Star Trek Online Cheat

Star Trek Online Cheat Download

Star Trek Online Cheat Download

Star Trek Online Cheat Download Tool

Name: Star Trek Online Application
Version: 3.4
Size: 84.4 MB

is a tool for Star Trek that gives you the opportunity to use such tools as: Bot, Generator, Value Manipulator. The generator can generate Zen currency and Dilithium premium currency. The bot will automate your tasks, will gain experience for you, perform tasks. The value manipulator gives you the opportunity to edit various values ​​in the game. For example, you’ll be able to increase your life or damage.

To download our program, click the icon above. Our Star Trek Online Cheat is packed into an archive, you need Win-rar, 7-zip to unpack it. And when it comes to the memory used by the program, Cheat only takes 100 MB. When you start the program for the first time, you must enter the activation code – how to do it? everything is described here the Instruction Activation Code. If you encounter an error, write to us, here is the contact Contact, we will help you if you find an error or have any questions.

Useful links:

Star Trek Online – Link

Win-rar – Link, 7-zip – Link

Features Star Trek Online Cheats

  • Unlimited Dilithium currency generation
  • Unlimited Zen currency generation
  • Bot
  • Manipulating values ​​(life, damage, movement)
  • Very safe to use thanks to the proxy and Anti-Bans functions
  • Written with the same code as the game
  • Application of such technologies as Cheat Enigme
  • Easy to use
  • Works on any windows system
  • Supports Steam

Star Trek Online Cheat – Bot

Star Trek Online Bot is a tool that automates actions performed by the player. Thanks to this, our program will gain experience for you, perform tasks and you’ll never experience grinding again. Our bot works by reading the script we have prepared, we’ve created a whole mass of them, thanks to which Star Trek Online Bot will be useful in every situation. Remember not to use our program for pvp duels, because the bot can’t think, which makes the program useless in such situations. In our program you can edit our scripts or create your own. As we wrote earlier, we have created scripts for each faction, class and area.  The tool, like the Generator, the value manipulator is built based on Cheat Enigme technologies.

Star Trek Online Hack – Generator

Generator is a tool that manipulates the currency values ​​in the game. Thanks to this, you will have an unlimited amount of Zen currency and Dilithium premium currency. Star Trek Online Generator is built on the basis of Cheat Enigme, works on the same principle. It is very easy to use, just enter the amount of currency you want and click Generate. When it comes to security, you are completely safe. Although the values ​​are processed on Arcgames servers, they cannot be detected. The reason for this is the very structure of our Cheat, written with the same code as the game itself.

Program – Value Manipulation

The Manipulate Values ​​function will allow you to increase life, deal more damage, and speed up your character’s movement. The increase in damage and movement speed is limited, these two functions can be increased by 300%. We’ve set limits so that the game doesn’t break and that Anti-Cheat doesn’t detect you. Life is limitless, you can even set immortality. And when it comes to security, this feature is completely secure, even though these processes are carried out on game servers. Security provides you with restrictions placed by us, and the very construction of our Star Trek Online Hack, was written based on the game code. Manipulating values ​​can be combined with a bot, so you can be sure that your character will not die during automatic actions.

Security and compatibility Program

As we wrote several times, our Star Trek Online Cheat is completely safe. Although some operations are carried out on the game servers, you are not in danger of being banned. But aside from the construction of our Hack itself, there are two more functions that enhance security. These functions are Anti-Bans and proxies. The first one prevents your account from being scanned by Anti-Cheat, of course anti-cheat does not send messages to creators that something is wrong with our account, it simply does not see any incompatibilities. The proxy server will provide you anonymity when using our hack, prevent you from checking your IP address, instead of showing your IP will be shown completely different, unrelated to you.

And when it comes to compatibility, the program works on any Windows system (from XP to Windows 10) and supports Steam. Star Trek Online Hack is designed to work on a computer, not on Xbox and Ps will not work on these devices.

About Game

Star Trek Online is the first attempt to transfer the well-known Star Trek universe into the realities of MMO. The Cryptic Studios team, which specializes in online games, is responsible for the production of this item. City of Heroes and Champions Online. Earlier, Perpetual Entertainment worked on the development of the project, but due to its closure, three years after the publication of the title, the competition was taken over by the competition, which, leaving only a handful of conceptual sketches, not only changed the main assumptions of the game, but also invited to develop Star Trek’s most devoted fans.